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Monday, November 23, 2020
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In each and every instance of whatever nature in which an adjuster performs his duties and responsibilities, adjusters will observe, adhere to, and abide by the following general principles and requirements as governing their conduct as adjusters:

1. Adjuster will approach investigations, adjustments, and settlements with an unprejudiced and open mind.

2. Adjusters will make truthful and unbiased reports of facts as they are found after making a complete investigation.

3. An adjuster will handle each and every adjustment and settlement with honesty and integrity and allow a fair and impartial adjustment or settlement to all parties without any remuneration to himself except that to which he is legally entitled.

4. Adjusters upon undertaking the handling of a claim will act with dispatch and due dilligence in achieving a proper disposition thereof.

Precisely what you need.SM

When it comes to claims service, precision is paramount. It means no wasted time or effort. No unanswered questions, unconfirmed details or unnecessary delays. Only accurate, prompt, professional and expert loss appraisal and adjustment. Exactly the kind of service we provide our managing general agency and carrier clients.

We are Precise Adjustments, Inc. - a full-service claims administration and adjustment company. With a team of experienced adjusters in strategic locations nationwide, a dynamic attention to detail, and a passion for service, you can expect nothing less than what you need.


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